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Sleep is for the week

I cannot stop yawning.  At all.  I’ve been at work since 8:30 this morning, and been fine all day, but sddenly it’s 3PM and I feel like I’ve been up for days.  I’ve petitioned my manager for a hammock under my desk and a mandated daily naptime before, but so far I haven’t seen anything come of it.

To be fair, I didn’t sleep very well last night, I had fallen asleep during the evening waiting for my laundry to dry, and had a solid nap.  So there’s little doubt it was that, coupled with some things that have been weighing heavily on my mind of late, which kept me up half the night.   i don’t think that’s why I’m tired though, it happens like clockwork, 3pm every day, I’m ready to keel over and die. 

It probably has something to do with blood sugar, or the timing of my lunch break, or some such thing, I dunno.  Regardless, I’m going to get a coffee.


Bound to continue…

Just after 8:30 am yesterday, I began my new position at work. I’ve been granted a posting as a User Analyst I and I was quite excited about it. But being that I work for a large corporation I fogued that none of my data and system access requests would have been approved yet, even though they’d been submitted a week prior. I was right. I showed up and was handed a binder with a 300 page document inside. I was then told that only one small 40 page segment was relevent, and that I should read it. Hopefully my access would be granted by the afternoon. Well, I finished reading by 10:30, still no access. I read it again. Still no access. I read the entire binder. Still no access. I spent 7 hours re-reading the same document. By the end of the day, my access was still not approved. This morning, I still don’t have my access, so I was given another document to read and told to compare it to what I read yesterday. That binder is rapidly becoming my enemy.


Better late than never?

Today was my last day at my current job. I’ve been grated a temporary posting in a higher-level position elsewhere in the company. I don’t think I was the best fit with the job I had, I can’t say I enjoyed it a lot, and I never got on really well with my coworkers. Still, I’m not one to flip them off on the way out the door, either. Just my luck, I forgot to set my alarm clock last night, and was an hour and a half late to work. To make matters worse I was joking with my boss yesterday about not doing any work today. What an embarassment. With a little luck it’ll be water under the bridge before to long… Assuming it’s not a smouldering wreckage at the bottom of the river already.